Hey Jozef,

Thanks for the reply —very interesting.

I haven’t dug too deep into django-fsm, mostly browsed the code for inspiration.

Using the “lightweight” optimistic approach (as you call it) — does it mean I cannot reliably implement an action that dont trigger a state transition?

I’ve had several cases where more than one action were required before a transition could me made.

For example, applying for a student load requires updating personal information and uploading a student certificate. These are two seperate actions and only when both are completed the user can submit the request for approval:

  • create() -> state PRISTINE
  • update_personal_information()
  • upload_student_certificate()
  • submit_for_approval() -> state PENDING_APPROVAL

Using a lightweight optimisitc locking, can I prevent concurrancy issues in calls to update_personal_details and upload_student_certificate (given that both are executed at state PRISITINE)?

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