Building an IVR System with Python, Django and Twilio

Last year my team and I worked on a very challenging IVR system. After almost a year in production and thousands of processed transactions, I teamed up with the great people over at the Twilio blog to write an introductory tutorial for developing IVR systems using Django and Twilio IVR.

Aside from “making your server talk” and diving into the cool speech features, I found the most challenging part working on IVR is designing the views. Unlike APIs and Forms, IVR is very limited in the type of input it takes (DTMF tones, transcribed speech), and the amount of data it can communicate and process is limited.

Read “Building an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System with Python, Django and Twilio” on the Twilio blog ≫

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Originally published at on February 12, 2020.

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